Goodwill Fashion: Polka Dots



So I told you I would be back with some of my Goodwill Fashion.  Today we’re talking about my black polka dot dress.  According to Glamour Magazines fall most wearable trends list, polka dots are in.  Click here to view Glamours trends slide show, polka dots are number 3.  On the catwalk the trend was worn head to toe… a little over the top of course.  But the fashion mag encourages every day people to dip their toes in by sporting a polka dot scarf or blouse.

I tend to read these sorts of blogs about what’s hot or not at the beginning of each season to long for an item to match every trend.  Normally every store jumps on the trends and the prices tend to be pretty steep and too much for poor little ol’ me (in a southern bell accent).  So high ho high oh it’s off to Goodwill I go.  Polka dots have always been a favorite of mine but not something I really had in my closet.  I went to goodwill in hopes of finding a great t-shirt or hideous dress or skirt to transform into my trendy new fashion statement.  Instead I found this dress for $5.56.

I absolutely love this dress!  It has a cinched in waist which gives the illusion of curves.  (I have curves just in ALL the wrong places.)  The dress hits right above the knee which is perfect for my shorty mcshorty pants body.  It is short sleeved and the shoulders are structured.  It had shoulder pads, which made me look like a linebacker, so I ripped those out.  Now they just look lightly structured.  I wore it with my red wool cardigan… it was an unseasonably cool day.  Now I’m also trying to imagine other ways to wear it. once winter hits.

Please pay no attention to the messy room.

Here’s a slideshow of things I think I could wear to make it more winter-y… winter-ish… winter friendly.  And I still don’t know how to only put certain pictures in a gallery… so the two from above are also in there.  Let me know what you think.  All the products in the slide show come from either American Eagle Outfitters, Forever 21, Mod Cloth, Lulu’s or New York & Co.


Give me some feedback!

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