It’s Monday and I’m a Sick Chicken

So I’m not feeling to hot and I should probably get to bed soon… since I do wake up before the sun is up.

I really wanted to chat with you all about my new project I’m undertaking.  So a few weeks ago I was complaining about my want/need for a sofa but my lack of money.  Check out that blog here.  Now I’m taking the situation into my own hands and am building my own sofa.  I got the idea from Pinterest of course, my new obsession.  Here are my inspiration photos via Home-Dzine.

I got pallets this weekend thanks to a nice man in Bartlesville, Oklahoma.  They were free.  Tomorrow I’ll tell you more about how far along in the process I am.  I have tons of photos that I so want to share but since I’m feeling dizzy and nauseous I don’t think I can wait for them to upload… my computer takes 10-million years to do anything!!!

For other great ideas for what you can do with a pallet click here.


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