DIY Sofa / Seating Area.

This is my living room seating area / diy sofa inspiration.

When I saw this idea, I couldn’t stop day dreaming about it.  So I finally googled “where do you get pallets.”  My google search said I should call local shops and warehouses but since I didn’t know who to call and didn’t want to call a ton of different business I continued to search.  Finally one of the google answers said, “try Craigslist.”  Craigslist is so amazing.  It’s like one HUGE garage sale and best of all you can search through junk using key words.

Someone in Bartlesville had listed pallets for free as long as you picked them.  I know I probably could’ve found some in Tulsa if I hadn’t been a lazy-kins but I’d never been to Bartlesville before and now I can say I have.

Here’s what the pallets originally looked like.  They’re all blue and ugly.  I’m sure they had been outside for a while because they looked like they had some damage from the elements.  Now I was too antsy to sand them so we skipped that part and went straight to painting.  Actually, first we hunted down a car wash where you do it by hand.  You’d never believe how difficult it was to find one of those in Tulsa.  Once we did we power washed them with water and soap to get all of the dirt and grease off.  Then we set them out to dry.  Thankfully because it’s so dry, they didn’t stay wet long.

Richard Painting... What a good boyfriend for helping!

They were dry and ready to be painted the next day.  I love gray as a main color to carry throughout a home.  It looks a little bit modern but can really go with any other color you choose to include in a room.  And since I plan on continuing to move around for a while, having a nice gray color as a primary decorating color it will be much easier to relocate furniture in future apartments or homes.  These pallets are now Silver Liberty, a WalMart cheep-o deep-o paint color.  I got it in semi-gloss.  The color is a really light gray that also has a bit of a blue or lavender hint to it.  I really like it because my favorite colors are more in the blues section of the color wheel.  I know once I decorate my living room to satisfaction the decor will really bring out that blue or lavender tint.

Now I need to get crackin’ on the cushions.  Like any other diy-er I’ve already googled it and am utterly confused by the sowing instructions… I really need to learn how to do that.  I’m sure my mom will know.  I’m posting my instructions here for two reasons, 1) so you can see how confusing they are 2) so I can remember where they are.  I really want to make box cushions in a red fabric but I’ll probably cave and pick a blue color.

And since I have paint left over, I’m painting a few things that definitely needed a coat.  This cute little shelf was given to me by a friend.  Previously it had these colorful little glass rocks glued to it but I removed those gave it a scrub and started painting.  I think I’ll really enjoy having the same color throughout the house.



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