Jeff’s Closet: Favorite Outfit

Hey everybody!

It’s Jeff and today we’re talking personal style.  To anyone who’s peeked in my closet, you know my style is a little different.  Some people say I put together some weird outfits but I like to think of them as unique.

For starters I don’t believe in wearing t-shirts and Nike shorts to class.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy comfy and colorful clothes but I view everyday as an opportunity to show the world who you are.  Your style is a way to do that sans words.  Plus as a business major, it’s really important to dress like you’re ready to step into the professional world.  After all if you don’t look the part it might be harder for people to envision you in your desired career position.

My love for colors and patterns really shines through the most I think.  My favorite pieces in my closet is this lace dress.  It’s a mini dress but the long sleeves really balance it out.  I don’t mind showing a little leg but I usually prefer to wear this dress with flower printed tights and boots.  I love the mixture of prints and textures in this outfit and it turns out looking a little retro and totally me!







And I’m absolutely excited about the weather turning cooler because I love tights.  They’re so fun and can add a pop to any outfit.  At the moment I’m on the hunt for lacy tights…  I’ll be back with an update on whether I successfully find some or not!

Tell me about your style in the comments!


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