Vintage Suitcases

Hello Everyone!

Hope you had a great weekend!  So this weekend I went to see Richard at his family’s farm.  The farm is like this wonderful world of antiques, vintage and “trash” that’s actually treasure.  This weekend I brought home these lovely suitcases!  They’re wonderful!!! They DEFINITELY need a good cleaning but they’re such a great find.
My favorite one is on the top of the stack there, unfortunately it’s also in the worst condition.  Get a look at these stains!  I tried to clean it today using pine-sol spray and cloth cleaner but not a whole lot came off.  May I just say the cleaning process was tough! These suitcases have been stored outside for quite a while and they were covered in spiders, most turned out to be dead.  If you weren’t aware, I’m TERRIFIED of spiders!!!  Anywhoo, the stains remained so I’m considering painting or recovering some of the suitcases.

These are going to be the left night stand by my bed.  I wish they were a bit taller but I think they’ll definitely fit the ticket.  I’ve wanted a suitcase nightstand ever since I found this picture on Pinterest.

My inspiration.

What I really loved about this idea is its simplicity.  It also provides extra storage which is great! And I LOVE the splash of color added by the suitcases in the inspiration photo.  I’m trying to figure out a way to add that dash of color to the ones I’ve brought home.

Anyways I’ll post a picture once I’ve cleaned them all up and put them in my room!!! I’m so excited!

Here are some other great ideas and uses for vintage suitcases!

Via Freshhome. I love this idea and the lifters!

Via Freshhome. I love this kitty cat! He looks like my Ptolemy!

Via Green Chic Antiques. Click the photo to see all the other recycling ideas.

Via Good Housekeeping



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