DIY Sofa Update

So I’ve been talking about my DIY sofa for a long time… mostly to everyone who’ll listen at work but I also blogged about it here.  If you check back on my earlier post you’ll see pictures of my inspiration.  But Since I sorta am afraid you won’t look back I’ll post one of the pictures here too….

After acquiring some free wooden pallets that were also spray painted an ugly blue color I painted them a cool gray color.  I wanted to give my pallets a lift but casters at the nearest Ace Hardware were $9 each.  That is ridiculously over-priced.  So I did what anyone with a limited budget would or should do – Checked out Craigslist.  I picked up 8 casters like this —-> one for $16.  At $2 each that was definitely within my budget.  The hardware to attach them seemed a little pricy – for all the screws and washers I spent around $10.

I sat on the wooden pallets for nearly a month – NOT comfortable!  But I got a free twin mattress from Richard who decided to move up to a full size bed.  He’s had the twin since he first switched to a big boy bed.  Surprisingly it’s still super comfy.  I slept on the “couch” the first night we brought it over to my apartment.

I had the couch covered with a green blanket, it didn’t look very classy.  My family came to the rescue over the Thanksgiving weekend.  For years we’ve had this gray material sitting in our garage.  My mommy cut a big swath of it and brought it up to Tulsa – unfortunately it wasn’t enough to make pillows and a cover for the couch.  So we made half a cover for the couch and 6 pillows.

Doesn’t it look great?  Can I just brag about the pillows for a second.  We bought two bags of stuffing for the pillows but we also recycled old pillows by cutting them open and pulling apart the flattened stuffing.  We had a bit left over so I decided to use it stuffing my teddy bear cookie… So what if I’m 23.  It’s not weird to still have a teddy bear.  Right?

Anyway when it’s done the gray mattress cover will wrap around the mattress and will show the pallet and the casters.  I’m super into industrial design but I also love a bit of vintage and eclectic pieces.  I plan on making pillow covers with a cool patterned material.  It would be great to just cover them so when I get tired of the pattern or the style I can switch them out.

Also I’m watching Glee as I blog.  This is the first time I’ve watched in on TV as it airs because I have cable for free until the end of the year.  Who knew coach Beiste could sing… really well.

Anyways here are a few of the pillow patterns I like.  Tell me what you think.  Leave a comment!

Via Furbish Studio. Click on the image for pricing and more.

Via the Nest. Click Image for How To.

Via Little Green Notebook. Click the Image for more on the how to.

Via Do it Yourself Divas. Click Image to check out her blog!

Via Nuka on Etsy. Unfortunately her shop is closed now. But click the image to see more doily creations on Make Handmade's Blog.



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