Does Not Knowing How to Sew Make Me A Bad Girl?

So I absolutely didn’t know what to blog about today because I’m such a sleeperkins… Oh wait you’re a grown up? I meant sleepy.  Anyway so my blog idea hit me just as I was watching my latest television addiction – Jane by Design.  Yes, it’s embarrassing to admit that at 23 years of age I still watch ABC Family shows but I must honestly represent myself to you, my lovely blog readers.  Anywhooo, the show opens with the protagonist, Jane, preparing for school.  As any girl does in the AM she looks through her closet and is less than excited about her outfit options.  So rather than wearing an outfit that she’s less than crazy about, she notices her sewing machine in the corner.  Yes, she whips up a new outfit in a jiffy right before school and looks miraculously fab.

This isn't the outfit she made but it's very cute all the same.

Well, I’m sure you’ve realized what my blog post is going to be about thanks to my less than creative title.  Anyway, I don’t know how to sew.  I can dream up ideas for bags, clothes redo’s, and basic quilts or duvet covers but I have absolutely no idea how to actually carry it out.  Even with the astounding amounts of step by step instructions found via the world wide web, I still don’t get it.  For some reason trying to understand sewing instructions is just as difficult as math.  Growing up, math was my toughest class.  Although I always ended up with decent grades, it required an insane amount of concentration and time and sewing seems just the same.  My mother, grandmother, sister and even my boyfriend can sew.  So does not knowing how to sew make me a bad example of a girl?

English: A sewing lesson in Japan. A girl is g...

Image via Wikipedia

Well here’s what I think… it makes me bad but not a bad girl just a bad DIY-er.  This is why:  I “made” my cousin Joseph a little stuffed Quadrapus – my boyfriend and sister say it’s not an octopus because it only has four legs – for Christmas and while he loved it, I was a little sad.  You see, I only air quotes made the quadrapus not actually made it.  I found the how to on Pinterest and, though it was deemed simple, all I did was stuffed it.  My mother sewed the bottom shut and my sister stitched the legs to contain the raw edges.

Image Via Flicker

So if I plan on presenting DIY-ed  objects as my own they may need to actually be my own, which will include learning to sew.  I plan on buying an inexpensive sewing machine from Craigslist or a pawn shop.  I think a cheap-o sewing machine will work until I actually know what I’m doing.  So that’s my plan – wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “Does Not Knowing How to Sew Make Me A Bad Girl?

  1. It’s so funny because I just wrote a post about how I fail at sewing. It’s so frustrating because it looks so freaking easy but everything I make turns out too small, too big, or too ugly. I think I might go to the community college in my town, make friends with some old ladies, and they can show me the ropes.

    P.s.- I am a 21 year old girl who lives for Pretty Little Liars.

    • I’m so glad someone else has a love for ABC Family. Good luck with your sewing goals!!! I’m too cheap to take a class so I’m hoping the school of youtube and google will teach me!

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