Got my Butt Handed to Me

Hey everyone!

So today… just a couple hours ago in fact… I just had the toughest work out in years.  I bought a $30 Groupon for a boot camp fitness program with Oklahoma Fit in Jenks. The Groupon allows me to partake in the class as many times as I wish for a month and they have classes 6 days a week.  My legs feel like I literally need to pick them up with my hands to move them.  Anyways because of this terrible pain and the fact that I have to be at work an hour early tomorrow I am hitting the hay a bit earlier than normal.  I will blog all about my humiliating performance in my boot camp class tomorrow.  Also in case you didn’t know it’s awards season!!! I love it for two reasons: 1) I add all the nominated films to my MUST watch list 2) I love looking at the fashion, jewelry, makeup and hair styles!!! So I’ll also be blogging about my faves and not so faves.  If there are any you really liked that you think I should totally check out please leave a comment!!!

Hope you’re all not in as much pain as me and I hope everyone gets lots of sleep!!!


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