I Didn’t Think Boot Camp Would Be This Hard.

We did the “basic tire workout” according to the trainer. I think it was more like the cruel punishment workout. Just kidding but it was tough. I learned three things today: 1) the longer you flip tires the more you curse the caveman who invented them; 2) NEVER eat pizza. Not just before a workout but literally never. It was my favorite food but after fighting to keep it down for an hour I never want to smell another slice again; 3) When partnering up always go first because either you get paid back for going too hard on your partner or you feel like a jerk for going to hard when they cut you some slack.

Posted Earlier:
So today is day 4 of boot camp. I have to be there at 5:00. I am absolutely dreading it but I’m also mildly curious about what’s in store for us today. Yesterday, as I and my fellow classmate and news producer left the studio, one of the trainers asked if we would be back tomorrow. After assuring him that we were willing to try and make it through another day of class he asked if we knew what he had planned next. We admitted no and though we tried to convince him to fill us in he only laughed and said “see you tomorrow.” For some reason that felt really foreboding and now I’m super worried.

But I need to give today’s workout my all because it’s the last one before the weekend and because I ate pizza today. I hate when we have cooking guests who make super unhealthy food. It’s a free meal and, as I only graduated last year, it’s really hard giving up on my scavenging college kid ways. I think I at one time had a sixth sense about where and when I could find free food. A fact that’s a little embarrassing to admit but it was totally useful.

Anywhoo enough of my useless sixth sense and back to this workout. So I heard about it through my coworker. We purchased a month pass on Groupon. It turned out to be a really good deal because normally a month costs $125 but we received a month for $29. So the first days workout, we were about 10 minutes late. We over estimated how long it would take to fill out paperwork. Despite being late and missing the first 10-15 minutes of workout I was in so much pain. The first day required lots of running and various squats, sit-ups and arm workouts.

The second day was probably more painful. I felt like my legs were literally going to fall off. We had to do a workout circuit. Different workouts were set up at different stations around the room. I think the soreness was the worst after the second day. Thus far the third day has been my favorite. We did three different stations but bags was my favorite. I never knew that I had so much pent up aggression but getting to actually hit something felt wonderful. Although I can’t afford to continue these lessons, I think I’ll try and find a less expensive boxing lesson.

Well that’s life right now. I’m in lots of pain and everyone assures me that it’ll get better. The pain will become less intense. We’ll see. I’ll let you know what progress I’ve made at the end of the month!!! Wish me luck. Also in case you’ve never seen it… which you likely haven’t there’s this awesome little video blog online at Yahoo called “Reluctantly Healthy,” the title perfectly applies to me. They all feature Judy Greer who I think is so cute and dry humored… I love it! Just type it into the Yahoo search box or look for it under their lifestyle feature. Good luck and Good health to all!


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