Sinus Headache, Fix It

I get sinus headaches pretty regularly, particularly during Oklahoma’s bi-polar winter season. Usually ibuprofen and other pain medication doesn’t help… I suppose taking congestion medicine might but it’s so expensive. Anyways usually the pain starts right around my eyes as a dull ache. Then, by the end of the day the pain is so strong I feel like I’m cross-eyed and unable to see straight. Usually I just deal with it until I get home at which point I put a bag of frozen peas on my face. Just kidding, I don’t eat peas it’s usually broccoli or corn. Because this problem is common, I made a sinus headache fix it over Christmas break.

Goodnight World! Isn't the mask adorable?

Here's a close up shot of the material. The top layer is lace but the bottom is satin so it's soft and cool.

It’s been a while since I made it (meaning my mom – we all know I don’t know how to sew), but with today’s newest round of sinus pain I remembered I hadn’t blogged about it yet. I got the DIY instructions off Pinterest, if you aren’t on Pinterest you’re missing out on a world of information. Back to topic – The face mask is perfect because it blocks out the light which usually makes the cross-eyed-ness even worse but it also smells wonderful. I’ve been frequenting flea markets lately and there’s always a booth that is selling scents. They were all out of eucalyptus and Richard hates lavender so I got “Relaxation” which is a mix of eucalyptus and peppermint. So rather than having a vegetable smelling face I am relaxed. Just kidding the smell really clears out my sinuses also. I mixed the scent with rice which also is great because it allows the mask to be warmed or cooled. I love it!!! Now, I’m using my chilled mask and going to sleep!

Oh but before I go to bed for good here’s the link to the DIY instructions I used. Hope you make your own! It’s very simple fast and useful to have on hand.


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