“The Artist” Film Review


Since I can’t think about anything other than how excited I am about seeing this film, I’m just going to blog about it. If you’ve seen the trailer for The Artist, you know it’s a silent black and white movie. Did I just time jump to the early ages in film, back to 1930? No it’s a modern-day film. If you haven’t seen the trailer watch it below.

If you know me, you know that I love everything that is vintage or antique particularly black and white movies – my favorite is Sabrina. So before I tell you what I thought of the movie let me just say what I was expecting before I went to the theater. I watched the Oscar nominations this morning, not because I’m a film buff but because I was at work and I needed to write a short story about it. Anyways The Artist was nominated for 10 awards including Best Picture, Actor and Supporting Actress. Prior to watching the movie I was already expecting greatness. However, I was a little worried that the nominations all hinged on the fact that the film was silent. It’s unique and is a great hook that grabs your attention. So I was expecting a lot but still a little apprehensive of how great it would be.

So here’s what I thought: Actions Speak Louder than Words. That completely applies to the film. I’m a sucker for a good love story and this was just that. I’m also a sucker for an adorable animal and this included that too. The now famous Uggie the dog steals the show at times. He’s everything I want in a pup!

Via MovieFone

Anyways reasons I loved the movie – well first off in silent films actors are really over the top because without words every facial expression and action has to express emotion to the audience. What was difficult, I’m sure for the actors, about this film was it was a silent film about silent films. The portions of the movie that portrayed their “reality” had to seem natural in a silent-film-exaggerated way. Yet the parts that were being “filmed” for the pretend movies were even more over the top in a this-i- how-you-act-in-a-silent-film kind of way. I’m not sure I’m explaining it correctly and someone who’s more familiar with film vocabulary probably knows how to explain it perfectly. My point is the acting is marvelous. It hints of the wonderful magic that first captivated audiences when movies were new. It also takes a look at how Hollywood has evolved from silent films and arrived at the present. It includes a mans struggle with pride and self worth. And through all that there’s still a wonderful love story.
My favorite part is the end but not because it was over. While most of the film is silent there are a few sounds and even fewer words but the ones spoken at the end were exactly what I and probably most of the audience were yearning for throughout the whole movie. Also now I’m in love with Jean Dujardin who reminds me of a present day Clark Gable in looks but with the feet and humor of Dick Van Dyke.

Via the NY Post


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