Not Lovin’ Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. While couples usually begin to get all jittery about the holiday, I do not. It’s just never been a holiday that I get excited about. So here are the…

Top 5 reasons Valentine’s Day is dumb!

1) It makes single people feel terrible. If a holiday makes almost half of the population feel depressed then it’s not a celebration.

2) It’s cliche. Valentine’s Day effects include candy, stuffed animals and red roses. If that’s not the most cliche list of date effects, I don’t know what is.

3) Gifts given on this holiday typically require no imagination… See list above.

4) You don’t get off of work. Really if you don’t get off work then why is it considered a holiday?

5) It follows Christmas too closely therefore, by comparison, less exciting. Christmas is the best holiday, well in my book. So any other holiday fades in comparison. Poor Valentine’s Day there’s just no hope.

I know I’m not the only one who feels the same way. However, as one half of a couple, I’m the only one in the relationship who has such a cynical view of Valentine’s Day. Aside from Halloween, Valentine’s Day is Richard’s favorite holiday. If you didn’t already guess why it’s his favorite, It’s mostly because he loves candy. So every Valentine’s I have to shake off my pessimistic attitude towards the holiday and think up something sweet for my sweetie (I hate Valentine’s Day, but I LOVE being cheesy). Since I hate cliches so much it is difficult to think up a gift that’s creative and means something. So here are a few things that I think are cute, totally me and not so over the top Valentine’s-y.

Card & Candy Via Hatter and Hare Events. Click to Visit the Blog.

I love dinosaurs so this one is perfect. Plus it’s exceptionally cheesy, just like me. And it includes candy.

Valentine's Day Card Via Wit and Whistle on Etsy. Click to visit their shop.

I love this card. It’s a little weird and gross but still cute and funny.

Valentine's Day Card Via Design Dazzle. Click image and print your own mustache card.

This one actually reminds me more of my sister than me but it’s still really cute. I love that the website has a free printable copy of the card. So simple!

Valentine's Day Art Via Paper Plate and Plane. Click for the DIY instructions.

Gifts should not only be something the recipient would like, but something that will make them think of the giver. As a journalist and writer, this sweet keyboard message art is a perfect gift from me to my dearest.

Lemon Poppy Cookies Via Created by Diane. Click for more delectable photos and the link to the recipe.

Richard loves lemon flavored sweets. I like these cookies because though they’re heart shaped, they’re not your typical Valentine’s day pink, instead, they are yellow.

Pink Lemonade Pound Cake Via Sugar Baby Aprons. Click the image for the recipe.

Once again, Richard loves lemon desserts and I love cake. Perfect for sharing!


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