Super Bowl is Like Thanksgiving

Before I get into why the Super Bowl is like Thanksgiving – let me just brag about how good I was today.  I had the strongest hankering for fast food and as I was about to grab my keys and head to the nearest place with french fries I won the inner battle for health and stayed home.  Not sure why I’m ever in the mood for artery clogging food that’s never satisfying because after you eat it you feel guilty but this is a recurring battle.  Rather than get one of the many things on my craving list (McDonald’s french fries, Sonic burger, Wendy’s frosty) I stayed home and ate leftovers… for the sixth meal in a row.  See I still haven’t figured out how to cook on a small scale quite yet which may have something to do with the junk food cravings.  I rarely cook using a recipe so it’s hard to know how to cut things in half and make smaller servings.  Here’s what I’ve been eating all week.


Via The Larson Lingo. Click for recipe.

It’s delicious and a totally new recipe but I ended up making way too much.  Despite having a recipe I thought what will I do with half a can of beans and corn, I’ll just make the whole thing.  Now I’ve had to shovel through 6 servings of it and am less than loving it by now.  Anyway, I felt happier about my meal once I realized it contained less than half the calories as any of my fast food cravings.

Okay now back to topic: Why is the Super Bowl like Thanksgiving?  Well at Thanksgiving the main event is family, friends, food being thankful and usually a football game.  The Super Bowl is much the same.  It involves family, friends, food and football and I suppose it could also include being thankful.  Anyway the part I’m focusing on is the main event… the food.  Oh you thought I was going to say football maybe, well that’s pretty important to I guess but not what I’m talkin’ ’bout.

For a good idea of how much food Americans will consume this Super Bowl Sunday here are a few examples.

100 million lbs of Chicken Wings

How much is that? Well it equals about 1.25 billion wings which are enough to circle the Earth more than twice.

4.4 Million Pizzas

Sounds like a lot of pizzas right?  Well it sounds even worse when you think of it this way.  Americans will order so many pizzas that each man, woman and child who lives in Indianapolis could have 5 pies each.

45.8 Million lbs of Potato Chips

Sounds like a lot but it sounds even worse accompanied by this statistic.  That many chips could fill 10 space shuttles.  So I guess you could say the stat is out of this world crazy! (Yes I love being a cheese ball and der ain’t nuttin’ yous can do about it.

111 million gallons of Beer

That much beer could fill 168 Olympic-sized swimming pools!!!

For more interesting facts check out the graph below.  I got it from the amazing world of images known as Pinterest.  It accompanies an article from The Washington Street Journal.  The article is actually talking about which foods are popular features at watch parties.  There are some unexpected foods that are becoming pretty popular for the big game including healthier options like carrots and avocados.  I’m not going to a Super Bowl party because I’ll be headed home for some family time but I enjoy looking at all the recipe options.  The other day I found a great little slideshow of healthy Super Bowl recipes while scouring the internet.  I love when recipes come with appetizing pictures anyway click here to browse the yummy looking slideshow at Huffington Post! Have a happy Super Bowl Sunday!!!


Via The Washington Street Journal. Click to check out the accompanying article.


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