Wish I Was a Rolling Stone

I sometimes get in these moods where I feel unsettled. I don’t know what brings on these feelings but it makes me feel antsy. The cure for this feeling: a good road trip.
The truth is I’d never been on an actual vacation prior to a trip to Memphis 2 years ago. When I was growing up, vacation time meant we had a chance to go visit family. So, though I’d traveled to various places, none were what you’d consider a typical vacation. However these trips did often include long drives and this is where, I believe, the need for an adventure stems.
Is it weird to feel this way? It’s almost like I miss a place I’ve never been before. I want to feel the excitement of exploring a new location. And I miss the feeling of freedom that accompanies a long vacation. I even miss the hum of a car motor as you head out on these extensive journeys. Maybe I was a gypsy in a past life… just kidding kind of.
I’m currently in the throes of one of these mood swings. Let’s call it a bohemian mood. That means I continuously look at lots of pictures of faraway places and day dream about exploring the beautiful surroundings.
Here are my 5 favorite dream escapes

When I was younger I was kind of a nerd. Actually, come to think of it, I still am. Anyway, when we first purchased a desktop it came with an Encarta Library CD-Rom and I obsessively researched British history. I was obsessed with the monarchies and all the royal drama and have always wanted to visit all the historical sites.

Before my obsessive stage with England, I was obsessed with Egypt. As proof of that obsession both my kitties bear Egyptian names Cleopatra and Ptolemy.

My obsession with history came after watching a certain movie. If you’ve watched this movie, I’m sure your mind flashed to it as soon as you saw the picture. Until I left for college, I wanted to major in archeology or art history because I was sure that either of those choices would lead to the wonderful adventures Indiana Jones had.

I would love to visit Machu Picchu in Peru. It would be such a great adventure.

I know there’s at least one sport out there I’m good at and I’m pretty sure surfing is it. So the next vacation destination I dream about is any place with a beach!


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