Hate That I Love Rom-Com’s

Tomorrow is Valentine’s day and I’m not giving up this last chance to show my cynical side.  So this weekend I let my emotional female side pick the movie and I went to watch The Vow.  Richard is such a good sport because he never complains he just goes along for the ride.  And I feel like he usually takes his cues from me, If I liked it he doesn’t trash it too much but if I didn’t like it he let’s me know what he really thought about it.  The movie was pretty good but in the end I left feeling dissatisfied.  I promise I won’t give away the ending but I thought the female protagonist was pretty unlikable despite the fact that she was played by Rachel McAdams who is one of my favorite rom-com actresses.  Anyways, since that movie didn’t quite fulfill the sappy, unrealistic love quotient that I needed here’s my

Top 5 Romantic Comedies

1. The Princess Bride:  It is so quotable.  Many of the movie lines become so run of the mill that you may often use them without meaning to.  Plus who doesn’t want a prince charming that only says, “As you wish.”  The movie is the perfect mixture of campy and serious.  If you’ve never watched it you must do so and stat!

2. You’ve Got Mail – What is it about this movie that I love so much!?  I’ve never seen the movie it’s based on “The Shop Around the Corner” but that’s also on my must see list now.  Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan make the best romantic comedy couple.  My favorite line is at the very end, “I wanted it to be you.  I wanted it to be you so badly.”

3. The Notebook – I hate that I love this movie.  I think Noah and Allie are maybe the worst couple.  Noah is obsessed with Allie and it’s one of the those co-dependent relationships that in real life is absolutely not healthy… But it gets me every time.  Whenever I need a good cry, this is my go to movie.  I think it has more to do with the elderly Noah and Allie and their enduring love.  The way their relationship endures despite her advancing Alzheimer’s symptoms.

4. Pretty Woman – I’m not sure why my parents allowed me to watch this movie but apparently I loved it when I was little.  20 years later and I still love it.  Richard Gere and Julia Roberts rock… I almost included Runaway Bride in the countdown because they’re just so great together.  I love the shopping scene!

5. Sabrina – I’m talking about the original with Audrey Hepburn.  Why is a good love triangle necessary for a good romance movie?  I think it makes people have unreasonable ideals about actual love.  But despite that, I love this movie.  I watched it for the first time on TMC when I couldn’t fall asleep and ever since then I’ve been a Hepburn.


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