Takes Your Breath Away

Lately I’ve been thinking more and more about my future and what career options would satisfy me.  While money is usually considered one of the most important factors, there are other things that matter more to me.  One of my favorite quotes is my guiding light as I search for the correct path:

I think that too often people focus on other factors when choosing their paths.  I can’t picture a life dedicating myself to something that doesn’t make me feel alive.  Don’t get the wrong idea, I’m not lazy and I don’t refuse to work if it’s not my life passion.  I worked 3 jobs through college to make it through.  I can suck it up and do what’s necessary to make ends meet.  However, I think that finding my passion is what I need to focus on right now.

So what makes someone feel alive?  Well for me it’s always been about being creative.  I love when I’m reading a book, painting, drawing or writing and I get so wrapped into my task that time seems to stand still and fly by all at the same time.  I love seeing beauty in unexpected places.  I love sharing a feeling with others and that feeling can be found in a moment in time, a song, a picture or an idea.  I love meeting people who are passionate and driven.  I love learning new things.  I also love that feeling where you are so happy and satisfied your breath catches and tears come to your eyes.

Today I was searching for something unique and interesting to put in the noon newscast and I came upon an article on MSN‘s homepage.  The article was title 10 Little Ways to Indulge and it highlighted small ways that you can add moments of bliss to your life.  The one that truly stood out to me was #5) Read, Watch or Participate in Something That Takes Your Breath Away.  “A recent study found that people seek out newspaper articles that inspire awe — that hard-to-define feeling we get when we’re exposed to great beauty, power, or accomplishment. This pleasurable tickle is uniquely human and can be achieved in multiple ways: praying, watching nature programs, and reading stories of personal triumph, to name a few. Whatever gives you that lump-in-your-throat feeling, pursue it any way you can.”

Have you ever felt that?  I have a handful of times.  When I wrote my first story for The Abilene Reporter in the summer of 2007 before I started college.  The story was a feature on the Women Airforce Service Pilots museum opening in my hometown, which had been a training station for the WASP’s.  I met so many women who put their life on the line for love of country.  These women fought for women’s rights and the opportunity to be on an equal level with men.  When I left the museum’s opening event, I got in my car and realized tears were in my eyes.  I felt satisfied and happy with what I was doing because being a journalist exposes you to true power and accomplishment.

I also felt that breath taking happiness the first time Richard told me he loved me.  It’s a space in time where everything that has happened up until that point seems to have been leading to that magical moment.  Everything feels right and time stops and flies by all at once.

It’s a feeling I’ve been searching for since I completed my last goal, graduation.  I know I am lucky to have a job in my chosen field, but I want to feel alive.  And I’m working on that.  And maybe it’s more than just the job it’s about your life in its entirety.


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