Giving Up on Gossip Girl

So the other day a fresh pressed blog really caught my attention.  The blog by Caffeinated and Random was entitled Dear HIMYM: It’s not me, it’s you.  I am a new fan of How I Met Your Mother, having recently powered through all episodes on Netflix, so I’m not ready to jump ship yet.  What I am ready to give up on is Gossip Girl.

I loved this show from the start but due to school, work and being too poor to afford cable I quickly gave up on being a devoted fan.  However, once I bought a membership with Netflix I was able to catch up on all the wonderful adolescent drama that the show entails.  I love watching mostly for the fashion and the great soundtrack but also for the couples that I root for – Dan and Serena, Chuck and Blair.  But now I feel like aside from a weekly fashion fix the show doesn’t hold much value to me.  The Dan/Blaire issue was a stretch to follow.  And the never ending stream of issues that separate Chuck and Blair are becoming quite ridiculous… a pact with God? Really???

I got a little behind on watching all the current season online and so this evening I watched three episodes, including the hyped up 100th episode.  Let me just say… not that great.  That opening sequence with Serena “singing” Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend, was it supposed to be humorous?  Did she even do her own singing?  So many questions as to why it was such a disappointment.


The best part of the entire show for me was hearing a version of Young People by The Kooks, an ode to the first episode.  Young People by Peter Bjorn & John was the song that literally started off the first show.  It made me yearn for the olden’ days back when the show was juicy and captivating.  I’m not really sure where it lost it’s appeal to me.  I think maybe somewhere between the Dan & Blair love twist and the introduction of Charlie Rhodes.  The main characters seem to have gotten lost, especially Nate… Chace Crawford is too good looking to waste on the ridiculous plot line the writers have had him on lately.

Anyways, unfortunately, due to my Obsessive Compulsive tendencies I’m not capable of giving up on the show quite yet.  It’s so difficult to make myself give up on series whether it be television, books or movies (I mean, I’m suffering through the Twilight franchise and we all know that’s painful).  So here are a few of my favorite things about the earlier seasons… ahhh reminiscing.


First off, I miss them being in high school.  It’s hard to believe their “grown up” characters would do some of the things they do.  Plus I really enjoyed the plethora of head bands that Blair Waldorf wore.  I also like how their “uniforms” were made to look so interesting yet unlike anything any private school would allow.


Dan and Serena.  I know I mentioned it earlier but this was probably one of my favorite moments for them as a couple.  Things were finally working out for them.  Dan was still a nobody pining for what seemed like an unattainable love and Serena was a flake with excuses who was finally finding a reason to be more than that.


I’m not sure what it is about Chuck and Blair but I liked them better when they knew they liked each other but hid it beneath a thin veneer of distaste.


I kinda miss Jenny Humphrey.  She had interesting style and always amped up the drama.  I also miss the scheming Blaire.  Not the ghost of Blair’s past that is currently on the show… uuum plotting to get your best friend and her ex back together on valentine’s day? Blaire should have more important schemes to scheme.


What happened to Lily & Rufus? Oh yes, they’re still in the show… sometimes but they’re appearances are so infrequent they probably shouldn’t be cast as regulars.  I really would still like to know more about both of their back stories.  And their love child? Is he ever coming back into the picture? Just give me answers!!!


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