Trash to Treasure

During my junior year of college, I was dropping off several items at the Salvation Army when I saw a beautiful french door sitting behind the building.  When the attendants popped out to take my items from me I asked about the door.  They said they didn’t take items like that and if I could fit it in my car I could have it for free.  And though I was headed to work, I loaded it up in my car and took it.  It hit me in the back of the head all the way to work and then, after my shift, all the way home.  I unloaded it and left it outside for nearly a full year.  It withstood several horrible dust storms and the 2009 – 2010 school year blizzards.  Now, three years later I’ve finally finished cleaning it off.

I’ve never regretted taking in this pretty door.  I’m pretty sure Richard regrets my habit of turning trash to treasure.  It usually includes his help since I’m not allowed to wield power tools for everyone’s safety.  You can see the door is white, chipped and scratched.  I plan on repainting it a nice deep blue or deep teal color and then doing an overcoat of grey and distressing it so you can see some of the blue through it.  But when it’s done it should look similar to this one below.

Many of the online DIY instructions say to mount your headboard like a picture frame. However, I think my door is much too heavy to hang from the walls and since I’m still only renting I’m too afraid to take the risk.  So until I can figure out how to attach legs to this hefty pretty door, I think I’ll get as far as painting.  If you have any tips of ideas please share!


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