Inspiration Blogs

Hey everybody!

I invested the last 30 minutes into typing up a great but “brief” blog and somehow it all just disappeared.  Why don’t I hit save more often? I’m not sure but I’m pretty mad.  So this blog that you’re reading isn’t exactly what I had hoped for but I really wanted to share a few things today.

Yesterday, I told you all about my creative block and my lack of inspiration.  So in an effort to get the creative juices churning again, I’m taking to the internet.  I love looking at other people’s blogs.  Sometimes they’re style is nothing like mine but I just love their style of writing and addressing their viewers.  Sometimes I’m all about their DIY’s and fashion posts.  I think that a truly unique one of a kind idea is really hard to come by these days, not impossible just difficult.  So I peruse other blogs for inspiration then give their DIY’s a swing and add a dash of Whitney to it.

So I hope I’m not shooting myself in the foot, but I’m sharing a few of my favorite blogs today (please still be MY blog friends).

A Beautiful Mess

This is one of my favorites to peruse.  I love the mix of fashion, DIY, photography, and beauty posts written by Elsie & Emma.  I also love that they add their own style and voice to each new post.

Indie Jane

Absolutely my favorite blog and I check it out on the reg.  I feel like I know her, Amanda is her name, simply because she also lives in Oklahoma and attended OU for like a hot minute.  She gives me hope that I can find inspiration here in Oklahoma.  Her blog is actually mostly about her photography which is also really nice.  She also mixes it up with regular DIY and fashion blogs.  She has lots of pets that all look like wonderful little heaters slash fuzzy pillows.  She often does guest DIY blog posts on A Beautiful Mess which is, coincidentally, how I came upon her blog.

Chalk White Arrow

 I only came upon this blog very recently but I really like it because it has a little of everything – style, music, how to’s and so much personality.  I love blogs with lots of personality because it makes me feel like I’m friends with the blogger… you know as opposed to creepily obsessing over their every post.

Scathingly Brilliant

Also another recent discovery but I loved Kate’s blog banner so I clicked on her page.  Lucky me!  Her style is TOTALLY not my style but I love looking at her creative and adorably retro outfits.  Her pink hair is also pretty fab!  It definitely makes me want to just jump in and dye mine purple but I’m still being a chicken… for now.  This blog mostly features style ideas and it really makes me even more determined to find my own personal style.


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