Rainy Day Soup & Foodtography

It was rainy and cold all day.  Unlike most people I LOVE those days.  I love the light on gray days and the smell of mud.  I also mostly love the cozy mood a good rain puts me in.  Today when I got home, despite having a dinner date with a friend at 5, I had to eat some soup.  I made White Bean and Sausage Soup last week and had enough for a small bowl left.  It’s like protocol for me to have soup on a rainy day, even if it’s only a can of Campbell’s (chick and stars is waddup).

Click the image for the recipe over at Recipe Girl.com

Other than sharing the recipe and not so great photo I also wanted to share a new project I’m working on.  I love cooking and discovering new recipes but I need a place to keep them all.  So I’ve decided to make a cook book smash book.  What’s a smash book you ask?  Well I’d never heard the term until very recently when I was blog hopping and came across it on Give a Girl a Blog by Kellie Winnell.  It’s like scrapbooking but books are usually themed.  The craft is perfect because Richard and I agree that looking at pictures of food is so much better than reading about them.

Via Give a Girl a Blog. Click the image to check out the blog.

Now I just need to improve my foodtography because sometimes my delicious meals look absolutely unappetizing after I see them in my pictures.  Well practice makes perfect.  I also made a simple, warm, crunchy and cinnamony Apple Crisp this week.  So good!

I also have a TON of avocado’s that’ I’m trying to tear through before they go bad.  My go to recipe when I have avocado’s on hand is Avocado Tuna Salad.  It’s like basic tuna salad with whatever things you normally put in there, I like tomato, onion, salt, pepper, about a half tablespoon of mayo and a whole avocado and if it’s too dry I add pickled jalapeño juice.  I normally don’t put extra avocado on top but like I said I have a ton of them to eat.  The picture kinda looks yucky but I think maybe tuna salad is difficult to make look extremely appetizing but it sure IS tasty.


Give me some feedback!

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