Spring Is Here!

Hello Everyone!

Well many people are enjoying Spring Break either this week or next week and it seems like Oklahoma got the message!  Temperatures have been nice not too cold or too hot and, most amazingly, it hasn’t been too windy.  Yesterday was a little rainy and that is expected to return as the week wraps.  But with the sun debuting again today I’m daydreaming of enjoying the springlike weather before it turns deathly hot and miserable as it tends to do in Oklahoma quickly.  Here are a few Spring Time DIY’s that I’m adding to my ever growing list.

1. Lace Flower Hair Clip

I like the look of these precious little hair clips.  The lace adds a nice breezy feel and they look super simple to make.

Via Aly & Ash Creations. Click the image for the DIY instructions.

2. Leather Sandals

I’ve had this DIY on my list forever!!! The blog post was sent out back in August.  This DIY is awesome because it transforms really cheap and not so great looking sandals into unique one of a kind shoes you’ll love to wear.

3. Scalloped Edge Shorts

So apparently scalloped edge shorts have been a thing since back in 2010.  This DIY by Here’s Looking at Me Kid was posted back in November 2010.  I think these would look really great in a floral print or a really vivid spring color to give it an updated Spring 2012 look.

Via Here's Looking at You Kid Blog. Click image for DIY instructions.

4. Flavored Lemonades

This is more of a recipe but whatev’s.  Is there any other drink that symbolizes spring time as much as fresh lemonade.  This “DIY” puts a fresh spin on an old favorite.  And don’t they just look so pretty!???

Via A Beautiful Mess Blog. Click image for DIY instructions

5. Picnic Blanket

I’ve been needing to make a picnic blanket for a while now.  Richard and I absolutely love eating outside and since I live in a teeny apartment with the world’s tiniest “porch” that means lots of picnics.  Here’s a great DIY for making a blanket that keeps water from soaking in and doesn’t attract grass as much but still is soft and cozy.


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