Obsessed with Instagram

Hello everyone,

My last post was about my April bucket list. I already messed up. My April Fools prank was horrible. I couldn’t think of anything so I just texted all of my family a really cheesy joke that I found online. Here goes: Why does Saturn have rings on it? Answer can be found at the end of the post.

Now one thing that I am doing well on so far is keeping up with the April Photo a Day Challenge on Instagram. Of course it’s only day 2 so I haven’t had much room for failure. Here are my first two photos. The first days word was reflection and the second was color.

This is Richard and my reflection as we walked into Pops in Arcadia… that’s my last fast food meal of the month.

This is April 2 photo of color… a manicure tip: layer white underneath your neon colors and you’ll get a brighter color. Please don’t judge my alligator hands and terrible cuticles, the polish is very pretty.

One thing that I’m really loving about Instagram is since I take the photos with my iPhone I can take them all the time. My phone is always on me and I’m trying to capture at least one image a day. I personally am seeing improvement. One thing I’ve learned is get close to your subject, take multiple photos using different angles, they make a photo interesting. Here are a few of the favorites I’ve taken lately.

Different flavors of Soda at Pops. So pretty and tasty!

Khloe the cat sleeping in the weirdest positions. I love cats!

Beautiful flowers blooming at Hafer Park in Edmond, OK.

I loved this flower! It was a single bloom growing in the crack of wooden stairs.

Richard's car looks beautiful in this picture (and in real life too). I was hiding behind the wall so I wouldn't get sprayed with soap.

And if you’re interested in joining in on the Photo a Day challenge, here’s the months list. And if you’re on Instagram follow me whittyo!

And here’s the answer to my April Fools joke: Because God liked it so he put a ring on it.


5 thoughts on “Obsessed with Instagram

    • Thanks so much! I have to thank my boyfriend for the arrangement of the bottles in the photo. At this point I’m using angles in my photos but somehow I always forget that at times I can rearrange my subject.

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