Meet Watson

I’m a sucker for big eyes and helpless sounding mew… That’s why I’m introducing you to my new kitty cat Watson today.  He came up to my door last Wednesday and mewed outside loudly and pitifully for nearly 5 minutes until I opened the door.  He was such a little tiny that my heart ached for him.  I gave him the only thing I had in my fridge that I thought might not be horrible for him and then tried to shut the door and forget about him.  That was tough because he sat outside my door for nearly 15 minutes and mewed pleadingly.  I almost cried sitting inside listening to the sad little sounds.  Then he disappeared.  I didn’t see him again until late Friday night.

My aunt suggested I take him to the local SPCA and that was the only reason I decided to let him in.  But then my plans were spoiled.  He was a stinky dusty little kitty so we decided to bath him.  He was also so sweet and loving.  From the second we let him in he continuously purred, even while we bathed him.  I slept in the living room to keep an eye on him and for most of the night he laid close by me and still purred.  Needless to say I didn’t take him to the SPCA.

He is still getting used to his new home.  He is pretty easy going and normally follows me around the apartment.  Sometimes he’s a little skiddish.  Right now he’s hiding underneath my desk hiding from the sound of my clicking computer.  We’re working on chilling out, staying active, adjusting to a new sleep schedule and not jumping on counters.  If you have any tips for helping an outside kitty adjust to inside kitty life I’d be much obliged just leave comments below.  And get ready because cute kitty overload is just beginning.

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