Easy-Peasy Headband DIY

Hello everyone it has been a very long time since I have actually posted something. Seeing how my lovely sister is just so much better at this then I am!!

So awhile back my sister, Richard, a friend of my sisters, and I all took a lovely 11 hour trip to Manchester Tennessee. I know what your thinking dang lucky people went Bonnaroo, so of course I had to make new headbands for my sister and myself.  The first ones that I made are VERY simple and I did it without a sewing machine but it took a little longer then expected but it is possible.

Step 1: Materials: Floral wire, Fabric and sewing tool

Step 2: You get fabric and cut it 4 inches wide and however long you would like your headband I did 2 colors so each were about 28 inches long.

Step 3: Once you have it all cut then fold it in half and iron the fabric.

Step 4: Sew it together long ways either with the machine or by hand.

Step 5: Attach a safety-pin to one side but only through one side of the fabric and then feed it through the tube.

Step 6: Take your floral wire and bend one end into a loop, feed the wire through the fabric tube

Step 7: Now once your wire is all the way through, sew the end shut make sure you sew the wire to the fabric so it doesn’t move.

Sorry there are no photos to match the instructions but trust me they make sense as you proceed.  There are endless styling possibilities and depending on your material so many occasions to wear it!


Give me some feedback!

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