Statement Jewelry and Pattern Combinations

Top | Gap // Skirt | Forever 21 (similar) // Shoes | TJ Maxx (similar) // Belt | Thrifted // Necklace | Francesca’s

Today’s outfit was all about mixing patterns and edging my way out of my comfort zone.  You might wonder what about this outfit is out of my comfort zone.  Well it’s the big statement necklace.  I love buying jewelry and I have a pretty good eye for interesting pieces.  Do I ever wear them? No.  For some reason wearing jewelry is something I just don’t do often.  But I think it can really add some visual interest to an outfit, so I’m trying to force myself to wear some piece of jewelry with every outfit.  This particular necklace is a knock-off of an Anthropologie piece that probably cost WAAAAY more than this one from Francesca’s ($28).

I love mixing patterns but I don’t do it in a big / look-at-how-fashionable-I-am sort of way.  I think most people probably didn’t notice honestly, but I knew and it made me feel adventurous and like a fashionista all day long.  The polka dots on this skirt are about the same color as the rest of the skirt, they’re just a little textured.  And the t-shirt is perfect for the Oklahoma summer – light, airy and colorful.

And before I wrap this blog post up, I’d like to highlight two of my favorite thrifted items – belt and shoes.  The belt was a find at Goodwill that I got for $3 and the shoes, well they were from TJ Maxx, not exactly thrifted but for $12 it seems like they were!

Let me know what you think… cute or do I still look like a little kid?

xoxo – Dani


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