Laced with Wedding Joy

Dress | Francesca’s (similar) // Shoes | JC Penny ($13!!!) // Necklace | Francesca’s // Earrings | Francesca’s

Sticking with the wedding theme, this week’s style photo features an outfit I wore to a friends wedding.  I found it in a frenzied shopping trip the morning before the event.

The wedding was being held in Ponca City which is about two hours away from Tulsa.  Not only did I need an outfit for the wedding but so did Richard.  All of Richard’s dress close is still in Edmond and I realized I had absolutely nothing that was wedding appropriate in my closet.  Either it was too casual or it was a winter/fall dress that seemed much to dark for the summer afternoon wedding we were about to attend.  I ended up spending about $70 on a new dress and shoes.  Not bad for a 3 hour shopping trip that included a gift, gift wrap, a card and two outfits both including shoes.

There are three things I really loved about this dress.  The first is it’s retro feel that I think is really due to the lace pattern and overall shape.  I usually stick with classic pieces but I do love me styles from the 50s and 60s.  I also loved the color on this dress.  I don’t own many coral-y pink things but I love the vibrant hue.  The last thing was the dresses empire waist and sweetheart neckline.  The empire waist hits me exactly at my smallest part.  And I know the sweetheart neckline isn’t really visible in these photos but the dresses lining leaves an allusion sweetheart and the lace allows just enough skin to peek through.

I styled the outfit with a multi-strand pearl necklace, some interesting gold tear-drop earrings, a coral and gold ring (one of my favorite flea market finds) and a gold chain necklace converted into a multi-strand bracelet (another flea market score for $1).  I did different jewelry for the actual wedding wearing my light pink tear drop necklace.  I decided to change it up for this style post because as Richard pointed out I wore that necklace last week.  So what do you think, wedding appropriate or not?

Grainy-ness and bad focus aside, I think we’re cuties.


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