Picnic Pieces

So to continue with this week’s theme.  Outdoor eating is perfect for the summer but to have the perfect picnic you need the perfect pieces.  Not only are the items featured in this week’s collection beautiful, interesting, unique and useful but they’re also eco-friendly.  Often people link picnics with plastic-use-once items like snack bags, paper plates and plastic utensils.  Buying eco-conscious items like reusable plates and cups can often mean ending up with a prettier item and better quality.  I also think cloth napkins is a better idea than paper ones because they’re heavier so less likely to fly away and you’ll likely only need to use one.

Alright done with my eco-friendly spiel.  A few other items of interest, the collapsible dishes are a great way to save space when you’re hurriedly cleaning up after a great meal.  And I think bringing along floor pillows is a great way to make sure you stay comfy even though you’re eating on the ground.  Speaking of eating on the ground picking the right picnic blanket is of vital importance.  Okay, overstatement a little but pick one that is soft and spacious but is also durable.  A wet ground under the blanket could mean a soggy bottom after sitting through a full meal.  And if you or any of your guests eat like me, your picnic blanket needs to be easily laundered because it will get dirty.  That cool condiment gun seems like you’re just asking for a messy event, doesn’t it?

For more details on all the items in the gallery scroll down below the photos.

Picnic Basket | C Wonder ($128.00) // Picnic Blanket | Etsy via Angel Street Market ($35) // Plastic Plates | Target ($15.99) // Mason Jar Lid & Straws // Etsy via The Country Barrel ($27.50) // Wooden Utensil Set | Etsy by Shop Sucre ($15.00) // Cloth Napkins | Anthropologie ($32) // Collapsible Bowls | MoMA Store ($22) // Whale Tongs | MoMA Store ($25) // Condiment Gun | Broadway Panhandler ($15.95) // Floor Cushion | HayNeedle.com ($49.99) // Chess & Checkers Game | Uncommon Goods ($40) // Portable Boom Box | iHome Audio ($199.99)


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