NYC Wrap

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So we’re back from New York City.  It was my first trip to the Big Apple and I’m in love.  The bustle of a city is everything I adore and no city is more bustling than NYC.  Oh before I get into how amazing my vacation was, it started out with some issues.  My Explorer’s air conditioner went out 30 minutes into the trip.  Then an hour before I was to arrive in Dallas my tire blew.  It wasn’t just your general flat tire, it was an explosion.  I thought my car was going to flip and ended up having to wait 2.5 almost 3 hours for a tow truck to arrive.

Once we arrived in New York all those troubles were out of mind, out of sight.  We had a pretty thorough tour of the city.  It included meals at P.J. Clarke’s, Lombarti’s (where I ate my pizza like a New Yorker), a great little Italian Cafe in the Theater District, and even a stop by Tom’s Restaurant (if you’re a Seinfeld fan you’ll know all about Tom’s).  The first night we took a night time cruise of the city.  What we thought was going to be an informative trip matched with a spectacular evening view of the cities lights, ended up being a booze cruise.  While it wasn’t really our style, we still had a lot of fun and got some good shots of some New York staples.  We also wandered a lot through Midtown, Time’s Square, Wall Street, of course Central Park, SoHo, Greenwich and a swing by Columbia’s campus.  We also visited the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, 30 Rock, the 9/11 Memorial and Grand Central Station.

I absolutely loved my time there and can’t wait until I can go back.  Oh also the photo of the rat, that’s for Richard’s mom.  She said to be on the lookout for huge rats, that’s the largest one I saw.  Oh and the one of me sleeping on someone in the subway, it just looks like that.  It’s all about the angles.  But that’s really what I felt like doing at the end of that day!


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