Movin’ On Up


Yes another post about the moving. I wanted to give you a little peek at our new place!

Our kitchen is a little small but we love all the shiny new matching appliances! When we looked at the place it did not have a dishwasher but the landlord offered to put one in for a $15-$25 extra a month. We decided it was worth it to avoid any arguments about who has or hasn’t been doing their fair share of dish washing.

The view from the front door shows our dining area. To the left is our living room but no photos of it because they all made it seem really small.
Here are some of the things we aren’t in love with. Our front door has a small four paned window and though cute from the outside it could pose a bit of a privacy issue. The owner solved that by screwing in this charming (read with sarcasm) piano printed mirror. The lighting fixtures are absolutely retro but not in a cool way. And the piece de resistance… Our pink and maroon bathroom. It is something I can’t change so I’ll have to figure out a way to integrate the colors in a fun and stylish way. Any ideas???

I LOVE the promise & imagination of a new space. I love the open area. The emptiness gives you room to day dream about where you’ll put your current furniture and the new furniture you now plan on purchasing! Then you actually bring the boxes in and, for me, the day dream is ruined. I focus on the mess and where will I put everything… after all my daydream furniture is just in my mind and I usually haven’t even stalked my purchase (the act of staring at a desired purchase for hours at a time over a period of days maybe even months and years) online yet.

This time while I relished in the open emptiness I took photos and measured as many things as I could think of walls, windows, cabinets, ceiling to floor etc. It’s so much easier to do all this measuring before the junk is in. I’m not quite sure what I need the measurements for but I’m certain eventually I’ll be grateful that I have them on hand.

We also made phone calls and got all of our utilities and internet turned on. This may be extremely silly but this process became way more exciting than I thought it would be after I was asked about my relationship with Richard (who is listed on all the utilities). I could finally tell a perfect stranger “oh he’s my fiance”. I know they don’t care or know how this change is still very recent but I know and that made this mundane task that much more exciting and fun for me.

TITLE NOTE: If you’re not a Jefferson’s fan then you won’t get the reference I’m going for but we’re moving to the Riverside area of Tulsa so I just keep singing “We’re movin’ on up to Riverside! We finally got a piece of the PIIIIIIEEEE-AYE-AYE-IIIIIIIIIIIIIEEE!!!”



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