We Love Fleas!

No… not the little bugs! We love flea markets.  Richard loves all the odd things he can find and play with (until I make him put them down and walk away).  I love all the vintage and inexpensive items I can find and add to my growing collection of decor and craft items.  Baxter loves all the treats, attention and pettings he gets from stall owners and other patrons especially the kids.  He also loves getting to sniff everything and gobbling down any human food he finds on the floor.


I went to the Tulsa Flea Market and bought a few things including a new album for my growing record collection.  I swear this guy at the Tulsa Flea Market is THE BEST! He always gives us a little background information on the album like details on the jacket, what the color of the record sleeve means and where he got it.  He always suggest other albums we may find interesting.  AND his prices are definitely the best we’ve ever found!

I also got three baby succulents.  I love these because they’re pretty tough to kill, though Watson the Cat managed to murder one… but since I have no plans of viciously attacking it I believe these may survive.  Since going into wedding planning mode (different from my previous state of wedding day dreaming) I’ve decided I want to incorporate succulents somehow.  So I spoke to the lady who sells them and she said she’d give me a better price than the one she gives the florist haha!   Even though the wedding is a year away it’s so fun to be slowly planning the big day!  Every time I speak of wedding planning to someone, even a stranger, I get this little thrill.  It makes it feel so much more real and I absolutely can’t wait!

I also scored a bunch of little scrabble tiles.  I thought these might come in handy at some point when we’re taking engagement photos or decorating the wedding location.  The lady who I bought them from was so sweet.  She adored Baxter and didn’t mind when he tried to sniff EVERYTHING in her stall.  We talked about our mutual love for rescue animals and how we think everyone should adopt.  Anyway we became BFF’s and she gave me a major discount.  Even though I’m not exactly an outgoing social butterfly, I do really enjoy getting to know people and thanks to Baxy I always meet plenty of nice people at each flea market outing.  Isn’t it odd how two introverts ended up adopting the most outgoing little social butterfly of a dog?


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