What do I do with this?


Everything is now in our house and who knew we had so much junk!!!! Does anyone else ever feel like selling/donating it all and starting over? I do… But that would be silly because I have no money for that!

Right now I’m working on organizing the kitchen but that is proving very difficult since we downsized BIG TIME in that particular room. It’s also tough because most of the cabinets are out of my reach… Darn my shorty genes!!!… so I’m having to weigh the importance of each item before choosing its new home. I’m hoping to find a cabinet that can become a makeshift pantry and maybe even buy/find/make a moveable island that will help in food prep. I made chicken salad for dinner, one of the least demanding recipes, and ran out of counter space almost immediately.

The picture above is of this awkward shelf in the bathroom that is now just a catch all but needs to be a place for storing makeup, hair accessories, wash rags, nail polish, and oh I guess Richard can put a few of his things there as well. The problem is that I don’t want these things just sitting on the shelf as they are now. Also the shelf is to shallow for most baskets. What can I store all those items in that is both functional but also decorative, keeps everything out of sight, and isn’t too pricey or bulky? This isn’t a hypothetical question so please let me know if you have any ideas! Leave a comment.


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