Let them eat cake?

To have a cake or not to have a cake that is the question… well at least the one that is causing me quite a bit of grief early on.  Neither Richard and I are too keen on having a cake.  Cake isn’t his favorite dessert, unless it happens to be an ooey gooey yummy cake.  I also dislike most store-bought cakes.  They always cost a lot and leaving you feeling disappointed because a box mix cake would/could have tasted just as good or better.  That being said, I think the tradition of cutting the cakes is a very cute and sweet one and affords some great photo ops.  Plus there are lots of traditions that we already have plans of eschewing so perhaps keeping this one is a good idea.

Right now the thought is to make our own little two or three layer cake that we can use for the photo op.  But according to the recent The Knot wedding magazine, DIY-ing the wedding cake is considered a BIG mistake.  Article author Eustacia Huen argues:

“Seriously, you wouldn’t even consider doing one of the most defining elements yourself, would you?… a wedding cake disaster is hard to fix.  Plus, decorating and even just transporting a wedding cake is a serious project that’s best left to someone who knows what they’re doing – and doesn’t have their own wedding to be thinking about.”

I do agree a cake is easy to mess up.  On the other hand we are looking for something simple, perhaps that DIY flair would add a touch of whimsy and add less pressure to the process.  Here are a few five cakes I’ve seen on where else… Pinterest of course… that I think are attainable goals.

3 tier cake, cupcakes and pie

 1) Love that this cake has a different type of dessert on each tier.  That’s one of our biggest conundrums which desserts should we serve at the wedding?  We love so many all kinds of sweets! How can we just choose one!

buttercream ruffle cake

2) This cake is simple yet elegant.  I also love that the blog it comes from has DIY instructions and has plenty of other great recipes and info that the baker in me can’t wait to try.

Cake with Flag Toppers

3) This cake is simple but packs a lot of visual punch from the interesting color choice to the tall flag cake toppers!  It’s such an interesting and unique little cake.

Fresh Flowers Cake

4) You would never know this cake is simple thanks to the gorgeous flowers decorating it.

Lemon cake simple

5) If you can read the little sign in the background this cake is a pretty unique choice… lemon!  Richard and I love lemon cake!  I also like that the shape of each tier is a little wonky but that makes them even more charming.  The unique topper and retro cake stand add to the non-traditional appeal.

cake info graphic

We also found this cool graphic that gives pan size to people fed ratios!  That’s some great info to have if you’re DIY-ing your wedding cake.  Of course if we did choose to make a small pastel we would be sure to load the sweets table with lots of our other preferred desserts such as cupcakes, cookies and s’mores.


2 thoughts on “Let them eat cake?

  1. Danni,
    I completely agree with you. I personally would rather have a box cake or a homemade than a bakery bought. However, you are going to be sooo busy around wedding time that that will be the last thing you will want to worry about. So I say doing it yourself shouldn’t even be considered. On the other hand, you may consider a close relative/s that you know would do their best to make it look like a wedding cake but make it taste delicious to make one for the big day….then again that may turn out to be a disaster too. So, I would say your options are suck it up and pay a bakery. Or talk to someone about making it but make sure you have specifics.
    One thing I considered for a split second was to have a bakery make a cake (say for a shower bc they cost way less) with no decor and then have willing relatives decorate it the way you want. Ie fresh flowers

    • I’ve talked to Jeff about doing it and showed her kinda what I want it to look like and we’ve talked about doing trial runs. And the plain cake is a good idea too!

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