Winging It

In my last post of 2012 I also mentioned that I would be starting a new job soon. I’ve now worked as a teaching assistant for seven months and am now enjoying my first summer school break. I really enjoy this job. It’s a refreshing step away from the stressful world of television news. I won’t go into particulars on why I left my last job but I will simply say I’m looking to be part of a team.

I am happy in my current position, though maybe not with the paycheck. The elementary school I work at is an immersion school, meaning they teach all of their curriculum in Spanish. Since starting my Spanish has definitely improved (as noted by my Granma). Though I’m fairly confident in my language skills, I often feel like I have no idea what I’m doing. —Hope none of my supervisors or student parents are reading this!— Not long after starting my job I was required to lead instruction for several days because the district couldn’t find any more substitutes during the winter months, when the sick leave rate is high. I felt so lost and was sure that I was doing a horrible job at teaching these fourth graders. But when the teacher came back I was assured that I did a great job. She said despite the kids getting slightly behind, the real accomplishment was having kept their behavior in check. So it seems despite sometimes feeling lost and confused I’m catching on quickly.

This summer I’m tutoring a few students, and though I still feel a little lost, I’m enjoying coming up with my own instruction plans. It reminds me of when I was little and my sister and I would play school. I was always the teacher. Pinterest has been a great help and I’ve started a board for all the tutoring resources I’ve found. If you have any suggestions for where I should look next please leave a comment below!


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