Guess where I am!


If you’ve never heard of Bonnaroo then where have you been? It’s one of the many music festivals that fill the summer months with fun, dancing and, of course, music. This is Steph’s second year and Richard and my third. We LOVE it!

Here are my top 5 reasons why Bonnaroo rocks:

#5: The Bonnaroo weight loss plan! It’s not an official weight loss plan but let me tell you out diet out here works! Lots of snacks versus large meals, tons of water and plenty of walking means at the end of four days at least a couple pounds have been shed.

#4: The people watching is superb! You’ll find people dressed in their best boho fashions but you’ll also find people dressed in only a tiny bit more than their birthday suit (body paint).

#3: Food yummy Food as far as you can see! So many great vendors! We try to coordinate our meals so we can try as many different stands as possible!

#2: Stick to the Banaroovian Code! The code includes gems of wisdom like be in here (leave the rest of the world out there), play as a team and radiate positivity. These rules create a relaxed fun loving community where tent neighbors share their supplies and advice freely! Even though I’m normally an introvert, this is the one time of the year I try my best to put myself out there and make new friends!

#1: Listening to amazing artists you already know and discovering a few new ones. I always come to the festival with a list of artists I MUST see but there are usually hours where we walk around and listen to musicians we’ve never heard before. Neighbors are usually willing to share a few suggestions too.



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