Wedding Wednesday: Before Driving Into the Sunset

I’ve decided to try to contain wedding posts specifically to Wednesdays because I don’t want to go overboard and seem obsessive, even though I may be just a smidge. So the theme title is cheesy but I love cheesy and I love alliteration! So with no further ado here goes the first Wedding Wednesday post.

Since we have yet to even begin the process of searching for a venue I am focusing on the tiny details that I know we’ll love and will fit no matter where the wedding is held. One of those tiny details includes the send off. At first I really liked bubbles and then I attended one too many weddings of close friends or family members who used the soapy orbs as their send off. After bubbles I moved on to sparklers but my Aunt Lisa included those in her beautiful wedding. I once thought I’d like confetti and started saving the by-products of whole punching but now I think I’d rather not create a mess that will then have to be swept up by someone or worse will just create eco-unfriendly liter. So here’s what I’m nearly settled on…



This craft seems easy enough and is composed of supplies that I can start purchasing now a little at a time and can knock out quickly with the help of a few extra hands… Don’t everyone jump up at once. I found this DIY on Pinterest… as always. The pin links to a blog called The Twips but the DIY was actually put together by someone named Rhiannon (did Stevie Nicks‘ voice pop out of nowhere and sing that name to you???? No… Just me?) of Hey Gorgeous Events. It’s a great way to incorporate a little more of my wedding colors which include lots of green shades from emerald to mint!

The best part is I already have plans for all the wands that aren’t snatched up and taken home following the wedding. I will disassemble them and use the jingle bells to create a garland for our Christmas tree. The ribbon will become either a wreath for our front door or will be slithered into a glass ball ornament or maybe both! And the dowel rods… hmm I don’t know yet but I’ll find something. I love ideas that can not only make the wedding beautiful but also our little nest. We are on a tight budget after all and it will always remind us of our happy day!

Leave comments please!!! Let me know what you think about the ribbon wand idea or if you have any suggestions for the dowel rods conundrum.


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