Weekend Low Down

Starting since Thursday we have been so rushed.  Every moment filled with a task needing to be accomplished and too many others awaiting their turn.


Richard has been working hard since Thursday night to complete a major DIY project he undertook, finishing our desk.  He is so pleased with the way it turned out and I am so proud of my handy-man!  I’ll probably do a separate blog focusing on that project later.

IMG_4672 photo-1


We also had lots of errands to run and crafts to complete before this weekends big event, our engagement party.  I’ll post more on that later as well.  This was the first time both of our families had come together.  I think it went really well!  I am never happier than when I’m surrounded by my family and Richard and I know Richard feels the same… except with his family and me.  The flowers and cake and all the little projects for the day turned out better than I had imagined!


Also Richard’s white coat ceremony was this weekend.  My parents stayed in town the day after the engagement party to watch him be cloaked… yes that’s what it called when they put your white coat on you.  I am so absolutely proud and in aww of my intelligent and ambitious fiancé.  Though, I must admit, I am anxious about the stress and workload that awaits him and our relationship these next four years.


I made beef enchiladas for the first time using a recipe my mom recited to me over the phone.  I was a bit disappointed with them at first but, after my mom and dad tried them and gave them a thumbs up, I feel better about how they turned out.  (I’m glad you liked them, Richard, but I don’t trust your opinion of Tex-Mex food quite yet.)


We took our inaugural Sunday evening stroll.  I’m trying to initiate a few new traditions that will hopefully help us maintain and strengthen our relationship particularly through these next four years, this is one of them.  I think a Sunday evening walk will help Richard get some much need moments away from his books and will give us a chance to talk, spend time with our four-legged son, fit in some light cardio and allow us to soak in some tranquility and nature.  But I’ll probably need to find some time to get new sneakers in between now and next week’s Sunday stroll.  These have seen better days!


Also Carlita is really growing up!  She hit the 6,000 mile mark on Sunday.  I remember when she barely had any miles on her!!


And Richard’s mommy made us bitty curtains for the small four pain window on our front door.  Richard dreamed up what he wanted them to look like and they turned out exactly as he imaged them.  Perfect!

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve likely seen many of these photos already.  If you don’t follow me already, search for me under WhitneyOrtega!


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