Thankful Thursday: Electricity

I’m starting something new called Thankful Thursdays.  About a year ago I began to feel very negative and absolutely lost in my life.  I was far away from my loved ones, isolated in a city I didn’t know.  I believe this is a major part of what made me feel a deep hatred for the city of Tulsa and my job.  The job was a great opportunity that many recently graduated broadcast journalists would hope for but it just made me fall deeper into this despair.  Every story and feeling was negative.  I gained weight, always felt a lack of energy, drew away from friends.  I dwelt on those dark feelings and that bleak outlook compounded.

I left the job, my now-fiancé moved to Tulsa with me, and I visited my family more often and made an effort to call more often.  All of these things helped give my outlook a rosier hue but I still found myself some days sinking into that sadness again.  I realized that life isn’t always what you want it to be and being only 24-years old you are very unlikely to find yourself in your dream city, job or financial situation.  I decided I needed to start forcing myself to focus on the positive.  I began writing one positive thing I was thankful for at the end of each week.  This was a practice I kept up until about May, which is pretty good for me because I’m horrible at remaining dedicated to goals like this.  And I realized that it helped me feel more positive about my life.

photo 3-1

So now after that long introduction, I’m starting to write my thankful journal entries again and I thought I would share some of them here.  I am soooo thankful for electricity and all the things it powers for us.  Last week at around midnight on Tuesday, August 23… I suppose if it was past midnight it was technically Wednesday, August 24… a storm blew through Tulsa.  I was alone in the house with my little Baxter dog and the winds suddenly kicked up.  The house sounded as if it would blow away.  I heard snapping and popping in the back and front yards, then the electricity went out.  I assumed the lights would come back on quickly but no such luck.

The winds stuck around and the skies poured down rain.  I later found out that I wasn’t the only one without power, our whole block plus 100,000 other homes & businesses were without electricity.  This was due to the storm classified as a rare “Derecho” which packs sustained straight line winds reaching up to 80 mph.  Click here for more details about the storm.  The city was a mess with downed branches and even entire trees laying across roadways and worse people’s homes.  We were lucky not to have any major damage aside from a large branch blowing off a tree in our front yard and onto the street.  Living without electricity during the summer time is miserable especially when you live in hot and at times humid Oklahoma!

photo 2-3

Our lights flickered back on at 9:00 pm on Friday.  Earlier that evening I was cursing the power companies for being “so slow” to get us up and running.  But as soon as we were back in business I was singing their praises.  I am fickle.  I know they were working their hardest but I was miserable and wanted to be angry at someone something anything everything.  After doing a happy dance on the front porch, we turned on the AC and enjoyed all the little things we take for granted, like staying up past 8:30 because we now have indoor lights, watching Scrubs on Netflix while we eat dinner together or not sweating until we pass out at night.  The saying is true “you don’t know what you got till it’s gone.” (Did anyone else sing that to themselves like the Cinderella song?)

Any other ideas for keeping yourself thinking positive?


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