Fancy Shmancy Dinner

Thursday night was Richard’s mentor dinner. We got all gussied up and rubbed elbows with his classmates and their significant others as well as some esteemed alumni. We had a tasty meal and Richard got a great freebie, a new stethoscope that is values at around $300!!! Good thing he got it for free because he was going to buy another one soon.


So more on the outfit. Do you ever wear something and you just hope that someone asks you about it? Well… Maybe it’s just me. This was one of those outfits for me. I scored this dress at a 40% off sale at Ann Taylor. The original price was $98! What!?? The sale price was $69.99 which, for me, is still way too pricey but that extra % off knocked it down to $35! Score! My fashionable Aunt Rebecca once told me “If it’s not on sale, you don’t need it.” This is advice I have lived by ever since.
That pretty necklace is from Anthropologie and was a Christmas present. So glad I was finally able to break it out. The shoes are from TJ Maxx and are replacement shoes for a different pair of black patent pointy toe kitten heels. Thanks Mom! Unfortunately no one asked about my outfit but I suppose I can gain some satisfaction from sharing the details with my friends on the World Wide Web!

20130808-225824.jpg 20130808-225923.jpg

Also can we take a second to admire my handsome date!? He recently bought a new suit from J. Crew. I love the cool gray color and the shirt and tie pairing were all his own doing. The tie, which I really like, was inherited from his grandfather. What a handsome man!


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