Farewell Sweet Summer

I have one more week before school starts and Richard’s big day is tomorrow.  (Sad Face)  This weekend was our final farewell to summer time.  We had so many big plans for the weekend but we actually ended up doing nothing on the to-do list.  We went to a couple’s gathering and to meet Richard’s peer mentor ( a student who is just a year ahead of him) Friday evening.  She was very nice and so were the rest of the people we met.  We slept in on Saturday so instead of going on a last Wichita adventure we kept it local.  We went to the flea market Saturday morning as a little family.  I love when we all go together because one of us (usually Richard) can keep a hold of Baxter while the other (usually me) dives head first into the nearest pile of interesting looking antiques.  Baxter LOVES the flea market!  He made some new friends both two and four-legged.  He showed off his sweet skills, his high-five and dance tricks, and earned some free puppy treats.  He also got some more fancy home-made doggy treats because he helped his mommy score some free goodies and she was so grateful.  Then we took Baxy back home and went to eat lunch in the Brady District at a restaurant called The Rusty Crane.  I’ve heard lots of great things about this place and it lived up to all of them.  Let me just say a place that serves you drinks out of a mason jar and has spicy seasoned fries is my kind of place!  At this point I realized I hadn’t been taking any photos of our farewell to summer tour so I started photographing the rest of the day.

photo 1

photo 4

photo 2 photo 3

photo 2-1

We decided to walk around downtown for a bit after lunch.  We visited the Guthrie Green for the first time.  Then headed to Mod’s for gelato! Yum!  Richard tried something berry flavored and, though I tried the birthday cake and it was delicious, I selected pistachio.  I am obsessed with pistachio anything these days.  We also wandered around some pop up shops that are down town next door to Mod’s.  They were really cool but I left empty-handed mostly because Richard wouldn’t let me buy everything… party pooper!

photo 5

I also finished up a big project this weekend with some help from Richard.  He’s just better than me at everything so he usually ends up “showing me” how to do it which actually means he just does it.  I’ll be posting more about it tomorrow including step by step photos.

photo 1-5

Baxter now has snuggle privileges and he loves it!  I’m not sure why but this weekend for some reason we considered how long a dog’s lifespan is.  I’m not sure how the subject came up but we both got really choked up thinking about life without our four-legged child.  We decided that, though it may be considered a bad behavior, bed time snuggles should be allowed.  We just love him so and he’s so warm and snuggly.  And since he’s so small what does it hurt really?  He only gets up there when invited.  And he’s most happy when he’s near us.  He was so happy to snuggle that he made a sound that I’ve only heard from cats… Do dogs purr?  Hope your weekend was just as relaxing and filled with happy moments!


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