DIY: Filing Cabinet Revamp

About 1 year ago we bought a new… to us… filing cabinet.  It was horribly scratched up and not very good looking but it was $25 and tall and big and full of empty storage space.  From the moment we brought it home I had planned a makeover for this bad boy but as with most crafty things on my to do list, I just continuously pushed it off.  I finally got to it last week.  After a quick trip to the nearest hardware store for some spray paint and some sand paper, I got to work.

Filing Cabinet Pre-Revamp

Sanding Cabinet


Sanded Cabinet

First I used the circular sander to take the scratchy top layer off.  I got most of it off but didn’t worry about removing every bit of the black paint.  Then I had to wipe it down because this paint was EVERYWHERE!  Then I started spraying the cabinet with Krylon Dual Paint and Primer in Regal Blue.  I thought I knew how to spray paint things, I do it often enough that I should have picked up some skills, but apparently not.  My first can was running out and Richard came out to check on my progress and suggested I move with slower strokes allowing the paint to coat the area better.  I figured if I moved slower it would leave paint bubbles.  This may be a “duh” moment for you guys but this idea never occurred to me.  I always painted with quick shaking movements fearing the dreaded paint build up and drip streaks.  At this point my hands looked like the belonged to a Smurf.  I let the blue paint dry then applied a Rustoleum clear coat.  I had to wipe off dust in between coats to keep the surface smooth.

Final Sanding

Give that clear coat about 24-48 hours to dry and then run a very fine sand paper over it by hand.  This gets all the dust and small paint bubbles out and leaves the surface nice and smooth.  After another wipe, it was ready to move back in.  I really like that it adds a splash of color to our office.  This will be Richard’s work area, so we’re trying to focus on getting this room organized as quickly as possible.  Once everything is in place I’ll be sure to post some photos!

Final Product1


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