Thankful for my Family

I absolutely love my family!  We’re one of those families that just MUST see each other regularly.  When it’s been too long since I’ve seen them I feel like a part of me is missing.  The first time I brought Richard to Dallas for a familial gathering I warned him, “They sometimes say mean things to each other but they’re just joking.  Don’t worry, they’ll be nice to you… since it’s your first time meeting them.”  With this warning in mind he entered a house full of love and laughter accompanied with a little bite.  I’m glad that he liked them and they him.  Due to school and work he has never been able to join me in my regular visits but when he can I feel completely at peace, surrounded by the people I love most.


That same situation occurred again just a little over a week ago but with a few changes.  Rather than Richard and I making a trip to visit them, they all traveled to visit us for our engagement party.  The party was made bigger and better by the addition of Richard’s family as well.  It was the absolute best!  Richard was not excited about the engagement party because he was certain everyone would be bothered by the time and effort it took to travel to our hood for an event that would last only a few hours.  But none of that happened… I think… everyone wore their happy faces and it was perfect.  Richard admitted that the day was much better than he anticipated and I refrained from telling him “I told you so.”


The art piece I did for this thankful entry is inspired by my cousin, little Baby J.  He is just now trying to make word-like sounds but he’s been speaking to us for ages using his hands.  One of my favorite signs is “I Love You”  because he just hasn’t figured out how to bend his fingers correctly so the sign ends up looking like a spider.  It’s the funniest/cutest thing.  I’m so lucky and happy to have been born into this family and to watch as our love grows to encompass the newest additions, like my baby cousins and of course my love bug, Richard!


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