There’s No Place Like Home


Leaving home to head home.

I’m headed home today!  I’ve downloaded some new music to sing along to on the fabulously exciting 7 hour drive!  Not actually looking forward to that part of this trip but I am pumped to visit my hometown one last time before the school year starts.  There’s not much to do in Sweetwater and that’s fine because all my time will be dedicated to my parents and occasionally, when they’re busy, a few arts and crafts projects I’m bringing along.  My precious Mom and Dad have started to fill my schedule for the few days I will be there, haircut as soon as I arrive, golfing with my Dad Saturday morning, Carlita will get her first oil change and tire rotation Monday.  Like I said there’s not much to do when I visit home but there is PLENTY to eat!  One of the toughest parts about going home is choosing where and what to eat.  My mother’s home cooking is fabulous but there are also SOOO many good local restaurants that I crave.  Really the best thing Sweetwater has to offer year round are their restaurants… Big Boys messy barbecue sandwiches, Mrs. Allen’s family style meals, huge shrimp salads at Skeet’s Restaurant, hearty breakfast burritos from Lisa’s Cocina and melt in your mouth pancakes from Oak Street Cafe.  Oh goodness!  Maybe I should try and fit in an extra day of running this week because 3 just ain’t gonna cut it.

If you see a crazy person singing on the road in West Texas wave because it’s me!  I’m taking an extended weekend trip so I’ll post a weekend wrap up on Wednesday!  Oh and don’t forget to check in next week, I have an AWESOME band to feature on Monday and a tasty recipe to share on Friday and some other fun stuff in between!


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