Wardrobe Organization


The house we’re living in now doesn’t have clothes closets. Instead it has these built in wardrobes. I was terrified all my clothes wasn’t going to fit inside but it does! YAY! The drawers underneath were very spacious but I wasn’t quite sure how to use them. They were so big 29.5″ x 23 and anything I put in there would likely get unfolded and jumbled and I just can’t handle that!

So I decided I needed to build dividers but Richard was unable to help me thanks to his rigorous study schedule. So what to do? I went by Home Depot and found the perfect board in the spares bin. I had someone cut the six” wide board into two 23″ length pieces picked up some paint and headed home. I painted everything first. The paint color is Rockwood Jade by Behr in satin.

I was so impressed with how perfectly the boards fit into the drawers. I didn’t even have to use nails. I just used the hammer to push them into place. I did some touch ups and gave each of them a coat of clear gloss lacquer. Now it’s the perfect drawer for things like socks, chonies (Spanish for underwear) and other under things.



P.S. If you’ve ever done any work with lacquer, you know what mess it can be. It ruins the paint brush and if you get it on your hand fuggit-abowdit! Well not anymore! Rinse off your hand and tools with a dollop of baby oil. The sticky mess will wash away instead of becoming a gummy mess on your hands and anything you touch! I came upon this miraculous fix when I was anxiously washing my hands post project working and pre-dinner fixing. I was trying every liquid under the bathroom sink and finally found the right one.  Just thought I’d  pass along this bit of knowledge!


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