Sounds of Nashville

There has been a flood of music based television shows lately and I’m not complaining.  I absolutely LOVE musicals and I think drama with a splash of singing is great entertainment.  My favorite musical television show, for now, is Nashville.


Though I don’t have an awful lot of it in my iTunes library, I do enjoy country music.  What can I say, I was raised in the middle of nowhere in Texas and country music is just a way of life.  What I really like about this show is that most of the music is original.  The show has well known writers and producers on their payroll and this gives all the music authenticity.  I don’t live in Nashville and have only driven through but I do have a friend or two fighting to make it in the big city.  I’d like to think their daily life is this interesting but maybe a hint less dramatic.  Every song is so good but I’ve given you a list of my top five favorite songs from season 1.  If the embedded song clip doesn’t work click the song title to follow the link over to Spotify and listen.

1. Juliette Barnes played by Hayden PanettiereNothing in This World Will Ever Break My Heart Again.

2.  Rayna Jaymes & Deacon Claybourne played by Connie Britton & Charles EstenNo One Will Ever Love You

3.  Scarlett O’Connor & Gunnar Scott played by Clare Bowen & Sam PalladioWhen the Right One Comes Along

4. Juliette Barnes played by Hayden Panettiere – We Are Water

5. Maddie Conrad & Daphne Conrad played by Lennon Stella & Maisy StellaHo Hey

I really like the original song by The Lumineers but I also love their rendition.  These little girls have big talent and I just love that they are real life sisters!

Season 2 of Nashville premiers almost a month from today on September 25.  I can’t wait y’all! I had to throw in my Texan there at the end.


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