Avocado Farmer

Richard and I eat avocados almost on a weekly basis and this can get pricy at times.  The cost was one of the main reasons Richard suggested we try to grow our own avocado trees.  We started collecting the pits from most of the avocados we ate and started them in a mason jar full of water.  Out of the almost ten pits we planted, only four sprouted roots.  Out of the four with roots, only three began to grow a shoot and eventually leaves.  We were only  left with two after we unwisely left Baxter out during a trip to the grocery store and he used our largest and most mature avocado plant as a chew toy.  If you’re interested in trying your hand at growing your own avocado’s, it’s fairly simple.  The only thing you really need to worry about is watering and keeping your plant warm.  It will take it 3-4 years to mature and possibly grow fruit.  I’ve read that to help with pollination and the growing of fruit it’s best to grow them in groups.  For some easy step by step photo instructions, click the photo below.


Via WikiHow

Unlike the instructions suggest, planting the seed once it starts growing a shoot, we allowed it to bloom and grow a few leaves before potting it.  I decided it probably needed to be done soon once I noticed the largest plants leaves turning yellow and brown… whoops!  I’ve also never tried pinching the top few leaves off to encourage more foliage growth.  Hopefully my brown thumb is slowly turning green.  It’s been a little while since I’ve killed anything.


REPOTTING3Notice the not so typical garden tool in the first photo?  Yes, that’s a hammer and a measuring cup.  Since I most often kill plants, I haven’t invested in your typical garden tools such as a spade or small shovel.  I used the measuring cup as a shovel and the hammer to break up dirt clods, it gets the job done.  Also in that last picture you can see Baxy skulking around in the background.  He was probably plotting his next avocado attack.

Also if you didn’t know, yesterday was National Dog Day.  So give your four legged pals some extra love!  Baxter had a great day, starting with a run and ending with lots of yard time accompanied by his humans (normally he’s out there alone).  Doesn’t he look happy?



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