Thankful for a Routine


I can not function without a routine schedule and a fair amount of stress.  I’m not sure at what point I became this person but I wish I could go back and not develop this habit.  I absolutely hate being stressed out but, unless it’s urgent that I accomplish a task, the creative juices just won’t run.  In college, most of my writing assignments required all nighters because I simply couldn’t think of anything until I was sweating bullets and seriously fearful I wouldn’t have time to finish.  I recently did some freelance work and realized nothing has changed since graduation.  I had a month to write 1,000+ words and couldn’t think of a creative way to start my story until 11 pm the day before it was due.

I’m so thankful to be back at work and to be keeping busy.  This is our first full week of school and I feel like I’ve accomplished more in the first 3 days of this week than I would in a whole week over the summer.  I’ve worked 8 hours each day, blogged, cooked dinner and cleaned up every night, tutored, exercised, and organized different parts of the house and kept everything tidy.  Tidiness was usually out the window on day 2 and dinner was a bowl of cereal or a sandwich during the summer.  Despite there being less to do on my schedule during the summer, it always took much longer to do everything.  This is something I MUST improve upon!  A set schedule also means I force myself to stick to a specific bedtime and this has helped me feel much more rested each day.  So thankful for getting back to a routine and a full schedule!


P.S. My art this week was stolen from the engagement party wedding date announcement.  Glad I found a second reason to use my pencil art!


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