Read Me, Please.


Typewriter (Photo credit: mikeymckay)

I have finally decided to end my sabbatical from the world of news and journalism and work really hard at getting back to what I went to school for, am good at and I enjoy doing.  After leaving my job as a news producer for a TV station, I decided to give news a break.  I stayed as far away from TV news shows, news websites and newspapers.  I occasionally would watch the weather or listen to NPR but mostly the feature pieces and not the news hours.  After 5 years of eating, breathing and sleeping news, I was burned out and tired of keeping up with the latest info.  But a friends recent going away party made me realize that I do miss the journalism world somewhat.  I miss knowing what’s going on in the world and being able to participate in conversations about current events.

Over the summer I made an effort to seek out freelance jobs in the Tulsa area.  I was lucky enough to find one magazine, TulsaKids, that quickly offered me some possible story ideas for a future issue.  Well that future issue is out on stands and online now.  The story is about how children develop communication skills and how parents can help them become strong successful communicators.  Through the writing and interviewing process, I learned so much about children’s development.  That’s one thing I love and missed about writing, when you are working on a story you must fully immerse yourself in your topic, learning as much as possible so as to improve your article.  If you live in the Tulsa area go out and buy a copy of the magazine or if you’re farther away click here to read my article!  I’m hoping it will make its way onto the TulsaKids Top 15 most popular articles list!

I am already working on my next articles and looking into reaching out to other magazines for possible freelance work.  You better believe I’ll be posting all of my future articles on here as well! I am so excited to be writing again!  Writing was the first thing that made me interested in a journalism career and it is by far the part I enjoy and missed the most.   I’m not sure where my career path will lead me but I know it will include writing.


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