Rethinking my Living Room Colors

My future home

Long ago I decided that I wanted my living room to be mostly white, grays, and bright pops of red.  The photo above has long been my inspiration but now that I look at it, I’d change a few things.  I love the bright red coffee table and the way the hue is mirrored in the pillow and the frames on the mantle.  I would swap out the rug and the tan couch for something a little more gray and a little more modern.  I would add stark and glossy black stripes to one of the walls.  Red hasn’t always been one of my preferred colors but the more I thought about it the more it grew on me.  I liked that if I chose to redecorate for various holidays and seasons, red would mix well… Fourth of July add blue, Christmas add green, Valentine’s Day add pink, fall add orange, yellow and tans.

So why am I lamenting over this beautiful pairing?  Well because for now I live in a rent-a-house with beige walls and a large open living space that includes the dining room.  Herein lies the problem.  I’ve put a lot of time and money into finding the perfect green and yellow color scheme for my kitchen and dining room… glasses, dishes, towels etc.  On the other hand, I’ve only purchased three red baskets from Target on clearance for the living room.  So in an effort to avoid the Christmas look… mixing bright red and green hues… I’m searching for a different living room accent color.

I’m thinking lots of emerald green and mint green hues with dark gray and maybe a splash of navy.  If I go the green route, some of my wedding decor may find a second life in my living room and, you know, I sure do love when you can use things in multiple ways and stretch a buck.  Here are some inspirational color schemes that I found on Design Seeds. I sure do love that site!  I always spend way to much time ooohing and aaahing over those pretty color combos.  Let me know which palette is your favorite by voting below.

bottle tones

1. I love the mixture of dark and light greens!  Plus that bright kelly greenish color is gorgeous and it includes my favorite color of all pale mint green.

Dash of Neon

2.  I am crazy about the mixture of pale pink and a bright neon green.  I’m all about the neon these days.

I SCREAM for Green!

3.  This inspiration palette mixes cool blues and greens.  I love the color combo because it makes me feel relaxed and calm… and who doesn’t want to walk into a house that makes you feel relaxed and calm?

Living Room Colors

4.  I must really want pistachio or mint ice cream, right?  I love the pale greens and the warm gray color.  I would add some touches of navy blue and it                               would be perfection!

Rocking Color

5.  I must accept that my house has icky beige walls and I’m not allowed to repaint them… sad face.  So I thought I’d add a color scheme that included some brownish colors and mixed them with earthy greens and cool grays.

I’ve started a Pinterest board specifically for pinning inspiring color schemes.  Check it out!


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