Mega-cheesy thankful

Is it too late to do a thankful Thursday post?  Maybe, but here goes anyway.  Oh and FOREWARNING If that title didn’t keep you haters of lovey-dovey-ness away, then let me warn you again that this post is about to be a full on cheese fest!

Last week I kind of went MIA after Wednesday’s wedding rant. There was a reason for my absence. Last Thursday was Richard’s birthday.  His mommy and sissy were down that afternoon and evening because his sister had to take the MCAT.  I made dinner for everyone and we ate and chatted and sang happy birthday.  Richard said it was one of the nicest birthdays he’s had in a while.  The past few years his birthday has come in the middle of the week and we don’t do much, other than maybe eat a cake and open up the cards he gets in the mail.  Of course I always give the best presents but I think he really enjoyed spending time with all of his favorite people.  It was really nice to have company over and for Richard to enjoy being distracted.  Normally, time away from his test material is spent worrying over how much studying he will need to do to make up for lost time.

Image 3

Anyway this week I’m thankful Richard was born and grew up into the wonderful person he is now.  Richard is my best friend and I’m so elated at the prospect of spending forever together.  That knowledge makes me feel safe.  Richard has been my personal cheerleader, doctor, punching bag, therapist, chauffeur, taste tester, science tutor, editor and so much more these past years.  He’s good at taking care of me and, at times, I haven’t made that easy on him.  I attribute a lot of my personal growth to Richard.  Looking back we were both high school babies with minimal life experience and we’ve grown into these sorta adults who’ve both accomplished quite a bit in the last few years and matured so much.

lion king

I think we work well as a couple because we’re both good at taking care of each other.  Neither of us minds being bossed around at times or being the boss other times.  We have opposite strengths so usually between the both of us we can handle anything.  And best of all we’ve never been afraid to be 100% our true selves in front of the other.  We are both always silly little kids but we can be convincing mature adults when it matters.  Richard said he never thought he would find a girl who would put up with all the weird things he does… let alone think they’re all funny.  This mutual weirdness always makes me think of that Dr. Seuss quote below.  Everyday for the past 6 years has been a mini adventure.  Even the little things like grocery shopping and doing chores feel like a fun adventure if we do them together.  I hope we have many years like that to come!



Image 4

Image Image 1

Image 2 Image Image 2 IMG_4681




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