Say Cheese!


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Picking a photographer for our wedding has been so tough. We have finally made a decision though! Thank goodness. I feel like a major weight has been lifted!

So finding a photographer was pretty if difficult because the person I’ve dreamed about for years was unavailable on our date. Talk about a major bummer! Richard and I started talking about marriage probably about 2 years ago and ever since then I have online stalked Indie Jane Photography. Unfortunately it didn’t work out. After sulking for a bit, I asked her if she could make any recommendations. That’s how we found our photographer Rachel of Rachel Photographs in OKC.

When I first looked at her site I thought her work was gorgeous but the pricing was more than my budge allowed.  Eventually, I decided that it was okay to splurge a bit on the elements that were really important to me, like photography. Our package includes bridals, and engagement session and 2 photographers who will be around all day come wedding day.

I learned quite a bit while I was trying to select a photographer. I thought the most important questions were 1: Are you available on my date? 2: What do you offer and how much? 3: When do you need the money? You’re probably laughing at my naïveté but that’s literally all I asked the first 3 photographers I emailed. I was ready to send one a check when one of my aunts suggested I call them on the phone to see if we mesh well. I printed out this questionnaire I found on Martha Stewart Weddings and set an interview time with my runner up choice.  He was nice enough but he didn’t seem too excited about taking photo suggestions and shot solo. Thank goodness I have so many wonderful people who have already been down this road and are willing to share what they learned with me!

I’m so happy to have that task checked off my list. I’m going to do a happy dance and relax tonight. I’ll try and hold off the worries until tomorrow.


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